RICHMOND  – The B.C. government is providing $260,345 to the City of Richmond in recognition of their commitment to support a healthier, more sustainable communities, MLAs Teresa Wat, Linda Reid and John Yap announced today.

“Through the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program, the City of Richmond will further progress towards reaching their climate action goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” Richmond Centre MLA Teresa Wat said.

As a signatory of the Climate Action Charter, the City of Richmond received a grant through the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program to support the community’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and work toward their Climate Action Charter goals.

“The Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program is an effective way to preserve our environment here in Richmond,” Richmond East MLA Linda Reid said.

“I’m glad to see the progress we’re making in Richmond towards greater sustainability with this funding,” Richmond-Steveston MLA John Yap said.

The Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program is a conditional grant program that provides funding to Climate Action Charter signatories. Communities that signed the Climate Action Charter and report publicly on their progress toward meeting their climate action goals are eligible to receive a grant equivalent to 100 per cent of the carbon tax they pay directly. A total of $6.8 million province wide will be paid out in the fiscal year 2013/14.

Since 2008, the B.C. government has provided $19 million through the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program. Climate Action Charter communities monitor and chart their progress year over year. They also support public transparency. Currently, 96 per cent of communities in B.C. have signed the Climate Action Charter.

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