RICHMOND – A new, three-year base funding model for the community visitor services centre in Richmond will ensure more stable and predictable funding and allow for greater flexibility and innovation.

Destination BC, the Province’s industry-led destination marketing organization, has announced the three-year base funding model for the 108 community visitor centres it helps support following extensive consultation with the community visitor services centre network.

The strategy includes a new minimum base funding of $10,000 annually for the next three years for small and rural community visitor centres as well as an innovation fund available in 2016 to assist communities with projects that help them adapt to the changing needs and expectations of visitors, including through the use of technology.

This is a positive increase for rural and small communities across B.C. and acknowledges their ongoing contributions to the tourism industry.

“Tourism creates jobs and is a key economic driver in Richmond and across B.C.,” says Teresa Wat, MLA for Richmond Centre. “This stable funding will help us continues to provide quality, world-class services to travellers and visitors now and in the future.”

“Communities need to adapt to changing visitors needs, through innovative projects and initiatives,” says Richmond-Steveston MLA John Yap. “The innovation fund in particular will help them greatly in this regard, allowing them to attract diverse groups to this wonderful place we call home.”

“We’re so lucky to call this place home, and want more visitors to experience Richmond and all it has to offer,” says Linda Reid, MLA for Richmond East. “This new, stable base funding will help ensure better long-term planning for our communities.”

As a key sector in the BC Jobs Plan, tourism is an important economic driver in the province. B.C.’s tourism sector is strong and growing, which is good news in light of fierce global competition for tourists. In 2013, the tourism industry generated $13.9 billion in revenue and a direct contribution to B.C.’s gross domestic product of $7.3 billion, accounting for 4% of the
Province’s total GDP.

Quick Facts:

  • In 2014, there were almost a quarter of a million (234,079) more visitors coming from outside the country than in 2013 – a 5.3% increase.
  • The Province supports Destination BC, an industry-led Crown corporation. Destination BC works closely with tourism stakeholders, marketing the province as a tourist destination and promoting the development and growth of the tourism industry.
  • Since 2003, tourism sector employment in B.C. has grown 17.6% and tourism wages and salaries have increased by more than 34.4% ($4.5 billion in 2013).
  • In 2013, the tourism sector employed 132,200 British Columbians – that’s about 1 in every 15 jobs in B.C – and the tourism industry paid $4.5 billion in wages and salaries to tourism workers, an increase of 3.8 % over the year before.
  • There are more than 19,200 tourism-related businesses in B.C., and over 17,000 (almost 93%) are small businesses with less than 50 employees.

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