Payroll Tax Hinders Job Creation in Richmond

A successful family-owned business in Richmond says the NDP’s new payroll tax will reduce its ability to hire more staff.

Since that success has translated into more than $2 million in wages during the 2017 fiscal year, Flying Fresh Air Freight estimates it will be taxed more than $40,400 a year when the payroll tax is fully implemented. The company says that could pay for a new warehouse clerk position.

Teresa raised their concerns in Question Period today. But Finance Minister Carole James was dismissive and seemed to indicate local, family-owned businesses don’t understand how taxation works.

Flying Fresh Air Freight was formed as a low-cost, family-owner freight forwarder in 1989. With offices operating out of YVR, Toronto, Halifax, and Edmonton, Flying Fresh Air Freight employs 69 people nationwide, 48 of which work in the riding of Richmond North Centre.